Sensorama is an immersive media Lab
Our community brings outstanding projects and services to life. Talented engineers, developers, designers, and artists research and create here. We provide them with education, laboratory resources, mentorship and investments.
What we do
We grow VR | AR ecosystem in Ukraine by supporting talents with infrastructure, education, mentorship and investments in order to develop global market products.
Equipped space for prototyping, testing and demoing
Projects based courses in different
VR | AR fields
Informative engagement of business and talents
Commercial projects that makes our ecosystem sustainable

R&D Laboratory
Sensorama Lab experts mentoring, newest hardware supplied by our partners, and micro-financing are boosting developing VR | AR | MR prototypes and products by Residents.

Access to key hardware

Ongoing projects
Once prototyped by the residents of Sensorama Lab, these projects are now proven to be in demand on the global market. We use immersive technologies to change human experience in the fields that matter to millions.
UniVrsee app
  • Monetization tool for content creators
  • Advanced statistics and analytics
  • Used for VR Cinema, education & corp. sector
  • Platform for VR content publishing & distribution
  • Collective VR experience
GoPro helmet rig
  • Simplifies first-person filming
  • On its way to the second version for 360/3D filming
VR Therapy research
"360 video screenings for children with cancer and VR therapy for teens with ASD. Applied in cooperation with National Cancer Institute of Health in Ukraine" and International charity fund NABAT
Chornobyl 360
An interactive documentary in 360-degree format from the heart of the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant.
  • Technological platform for interactive VR educational projects.
  • Successful Kickstarter campaign
  • Presentation at the UN Headquarters in New York
Sensorama Lab organizes events that connect local AI VR | AR professionals and tech entrepreneurs. We help Ukrainian community keep up with the most recent developments in immersive technologies.
VR | AR Studio
Our team uses Agile methodologies for creating products for world-class brands.
VR | AR | MR apps
CG VR production
User experience
3D modeling
Game development
360 video production
VR arcades development
Hardware engineering
VR VOD & OTT systems
360 video streaming
VR | AR e-commerce
VR | AR usage analytics
Meet our team
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Contacts and location
Feel free to write, call and visit us.
We really love to communicate.
Address, 1 Dorohozhytska Street, Kyiv
We are based in, a brand new tech park in Kyiv, Ukraine. Its space and infrastructure gives opportunities for scaling our projects.
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